When Is Emergency Tooth Extraction Necessary?

When Is Emergency Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Dec 01, 2020

It is possible for extreme levels of pain to cloud your judgement hence you may not be able to tell what is the right time to seek emergency dental services near you. To help you decide, we at Tara Dental Group, have come up with a list that has the facts and signs you need to know about emergency tooth extraction. This piece of info will make you understand better when to seek emergency dental extraction services from a dentist near you.

Common Reasons for Emergency Dental Extractions

  • Severe tooth decay

Root canal therapy is used to treat severe dental carries mostly that which has spread to a tooth’s root canal near me. If this treatment plan fails, the only option left is to go for an emergency tooth extraction near you.

  • Dental abscess

A dental abscess – puss-filled swelling – is formed inside a tooth due to an oral infection. The abscess makes the tooth weaker and more prone to further infections.

  • Advanced gum disease

When a patient suffers from advanced stages of gum disease, saving their tooth, if damaged, becomes a challenging task. Before any action is taken, your dentist will send you to a gum specialist so that he/she can assess your condition and give the green light for an extraction.

Risks Associated with Tooth Extraction

Although the chances of developing complications are low, they do occur. Here are some problems linked to pulling out teeth:

  • Nerve damage
  • Infection
  • Dental fractures and accidental injuries caused by the dentist’s tools during the extraction process
  • Pain or discomfort at the site that received the anesthetic injections
  • Swelling and bruising at the part where the pulled-out tooth was
  • Dry socket
  • Incomplete pain relief
  • Damage to your other teeth structures or dental restorations
  • Slow-healing of your wounds
  • Reaction to the local anesthesia and medications given before, after, or during the procedure

The Prognosis

Due to the difference in our genetic composition, there are some of us whose wounds heal faster and some slower. Normally, it takes about 7 to 14 days for tooth socket wound to heal. If there were other oral tissues or bones affected, the healing time may be longer than usual. During this period, be on the look-out for the following signs and call our local dentist in Gulfton, TX, if you notice any:

  • Trouble swallowing
  • Hives or rash
  • Excessive bleeding hours after the extraction process was completed
  • Any sign that may indicate the possibility of an infection such as fever
  • Pus or severe swelling from the point of extraction
  • Cough or chest pain
  • Any new symptom that wasn’t there before

What Happens When You Choose Not to Replace an Extracted Tooth?

Losing a tooth is not something that is uncommon. It’s something that happens to most people due to various factors and its occurrence is more common to middle-aged persons. In fact, research from Harvard Medical School revealed that an average American will have lost about 12 adult teeth by the age of 50. Tooth decay, gum disease, and oral injuries were named as the most common causes for tooth extraction dental clinic near me.

When a tooth is removed, the gap left behind encourages the teeth surrounding it to shift because it is not in line any more. The results of this is crooked teeth or the formation of new gaps between teeth. Super-eruption is also another problem that might occur. This is where the tooth opposite the extraction site grows out of its original position because the opposing tooth that formerly resisted it is not there. Sensitivity is one of the issues associated with a super-erupted tooth.

Our teeth are designed to function wholly as one unit. When your teeth are aligned properly, they harmoniously come together when you are chewing and biting. If you have one or several teeth missing, the stress applied as you chew is unevenly distributed causing chewing difficulties. This means that you may be forced to avoid some of the meals that you once enjoyed especially those that are firm or crunchy.

Replacing your missing tooth/teeth plays a key part in restoring your smile, functioning bite, and confidence. Not to mention, it also plays an important role in maintaining ideal oral health practices. When you visit our clinic for teeth removal, our dentist in Bellaire, TX, will discuss with you some of the best teeth replacement options and reasons why you have to replace a missing tooth. If you have a unique situation, custom recommendations will be provided during your visit cosmetic dentist Bellaire.

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