What is General Dentistry and Why You Need It

What is General Dentistry and Why You Need It

Sep 01, 2021

Dentistry, similar to medicine, has many specialties that address a specific dental problem, from orthodontists to prosthodontists. However, before you can visit a dental specialist, you first need an assessment from a family or general dentist near you.

General dentists do not specialize in any field but offer comprehensive dental procedures. They are your primary point of contact as they focus on prevention, diagnosing, and treating a range of dental problems.

Working with a general dentist in Bellaire, TX, offers great benefits that include:

1. Regular dental checks and cleaning

Having a general or a family dentist on call makes it easy to track your oral health with regular assessment and cleaning. Although dental clinic near me specialists can offer cleaning and examination, at times, the procedure is primarily given by your dentist in Gulfton, TX.

2. Multiple dental services

Since they do not specialize in any dental service, in particular, the dentist will offer multiple services that are geared to either prevent or restore your smile. The general dentistry procedures that you can get include:

  • Preventive procedures

Prevention is the primary focus of general dentistry in Bellaire, TX, as the treatments included help prevent decay, cavities, and damage to your teeth. Dental cleaning and examination are the commonly used preventive procedures. However, you will need other treatments like fluoride treatments that are designed to strengthen the teeth.

Fluoride is a mineral that strengthens the enamel through mineral reabsorption. The treatment is ideal for most people but is recommended for people at risk of developing cavities and children.

Dental sealants are other preventive procedures that are designed for children. The sealants are a protective coating that shields the teeth from bacteria and cavities. The dentist applies the sealants in the grooves of the back teeth as they trap food and increase the risk of decay.

  • Restorative treatments

Restorative treatments are designed to treat decay and repair and restore your dental appearance. Dental fillings are the first line of treatment in treating mild decay.

However, as the infection advances, you may need a root canal treatment or extraction. Root canal therapy involves removing infected pulp and stop the spread of the infection. Tooth extraction, on the other hand, is done to remove severely damaged teeth.

Once the teeth are removed, the dentist can recommend treatments like dental bridges and implants. These are procedures that replace missing teeth. Bridges are false teeth that use dental crowns or a metal framework as support. They are non-invasive, but teeth are trimmed to make room for pontics.

Implants are metal posts surgically fixed on the teeth to anchor the artificial teeth. But, you need sufficient bone support for the implants to be fixed. They last longer than the bridges and can stop bone loss too.

  • Cosmetic treatments

The dentist may recommend cosmetic dentist Bellaire procedures to correct misaligned, cracked, chipped, discolored teeth or any other problem that affects the appearance of the teeth. The different cosmetic procedures include teeth whitening for discoloration, veneers, and crowns for repairing cracks and chips, and dental bonding.

3. Family and general care

A general dentist can double up as your family dentist in Bellaire. This makes it easy for your family members to get routine dental checkups with ease. You can easily schedule an appointment with your family, which saves time and money.

The dentist will work with all the members of your family regardless of age. This creates not only generational care but also builds strong relationships.

4. Builds trust

Working with the same dentist every day will create confidence and also build trust. It also makes it easy for the dentist to monitor any generational dental problems, making it easy to prevent them or treating them on time.

The dentist 77401 also keeps track of your dental records for easy access when you need to consult a specialist or get further treatment.

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