Toothache Troubles: When a Cavity Requires Urgent Dental Care?

Toothache Troubles: When a Cavity Requires Urgent Dental Care?

Jul 01, 2023

An unexpected dental emergency can be scary and intimidating. Understanding what actions you must take to keep your dental health from declining is crucial. See our dentist in Bellaire as soon as possible if you or someone you care for have symptoms that need urgent dental care. It includes discomfort, swelling, numbness, obscuring of the gums near the teeth, or trouble chewing food or drinking liquids with an open mouth.

Because you don’t know what’s causing a toothache, they constantly feel like an emergency. In addition to making it difficult for you to eat, smile, or move about if your face is swollen, dental discomfort can keep you awake at night.

What is Urgent Dental Care?

The goal of urgent dental treatment is to treat dental disorders that require quick attention to relieve severe pain, reduce the risk of infection, and lessen the load on hospital emergency rooms.

A private dental facility that offers rapid and immediate help for things like toothaches, sore gums or jaws, cracked teeth, or missing fillings is known as an urgent care dental clinic. Tara Dental Group – A family dental clinic with a broad range of services also provides urgent dental treatment to needy patients.

Common Causes of Toothache

Many people frequently have a toothache. Some pain comes on suddenly and lasts just longer. It could occur after consuming a cold or hot beverage or biting on hard items. Poor dental hygiene is the primary cause of most toothaches. Cavities are more prone to occur in those who brush or floss on rare occasions or never. Too much sugar consumption can also cause toothache.

Cavity or Infection

If you have a cavity or infection in your tooth, it might get worse over time. Delaying the treatment might cause it to spread and harm the inner pulp. You also need help in biting and chewing. Therefore, you should get the cavity filled as soon as possible. It’s because it could result in a broken tooth or a root canal infection.

Root Canal Pain

Along with discomfort, a toothache that requires root canal therapy frequently exhibits other symptoms. It hurts when touched, is sensitive to heat and cold, has swollen gums, and has discomfort that seems like it shoots downward. It signifies that the infection has reached the root, and a root canal procedure may be necessary.

Dental Abscess

Abscesses are microscopic pus-filled spaces in the mouth that can result in tooth pain. Usually, food or other particles get stuck between the teeth causing this. Such entrapment of foreign material damages the teeth by infecting them, causing swelling and pressure inside the mouth. If you are struggling with such a dental problem, consult emergency dentistry in Bellaire right away.

Swollen Jaw or Mouth

A swollen jaw can be caused by several reasons. Infection or enlarged lymph nodes may be to blame. Gum disease might also be to blame. If you are experiencing discomfort, get emergency dental care so your dentist can determine the exact problem.

Metal-Like Taste in the Mouth

If you have a metal-like taste in your mouth, it may indicate that your crown or filling is loose. An open filling is vulnerable to infection and cavities, especially if you wait too long to treat it. Therefore, you require emergency dental care.


A hard impact, injury, or facial and jawline trauma brings tooth pain. One or two of your teeth may have become loose or broken. It necessitates making an urgent dentist consultation to handle forthcoming oral problems.

When Should Toothache a Dental Emergency?

See your dentist immediately if you are experiencing severe tooth pain. If none of the at-home pain relief options you attempted work, you should seek quick dental treatment. If you have the following signs, observe your discomfort for a while, then visit a nearby dental office.

  • Extreme pain.
  • A constant pain that lasts for at least two days.
  • Difficulty in opening the mouth.
  • Breathing or swallowing challenges.
  • The flu with a headache.

When you have a toothache, you always feel a sense of urgency. Contact emergency dentistry near you to set up a consultation if you’re in excruciating pain or believe you might require urgent dental treatment.

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