Things to Avoid before a Root Canal

Things to Avoid before a Root Canal

Jan 01, 2023

Does the thought of receiving root canals in Bellaire intimidate you? Do not allow the suggestion to take over your dental anxiety because the treatment helps relieve the excruciating pain in a specific tooth by eradicating an infection.

In contrast to popular perceptions, root canals are painless procedures performed by specialists with additional training in treating infections inside the tooth instead of the exterior. Although infections or injuries in your tooth from cavities or impacts result in needing a root canal because you ignored them, the therapy from the Bellaire specialist helps eliminate the infection to relieve the pain and possibly save your natural tooth.

Root canals shouldn’t seem intimidating because the treatment is excellent for restoring your tooth’s health and preventing extraction. After all, it is the only alternative if you refuse to receive this therapy.

When performing root canals near you, the Bellaire specialist painlessly removes the infected dental pulp inside the tooth before cleaning, disinfecting, filling, and sealing the tooth with biocompatible rubberlike gutta-percha and suggesting that you restore the tooth with a dental crown. Crowning your tooth after a root canal might seem like another expenditure which it is. However, your tooth needs the crown glory to protect it from irritants in your mouth and restore its functionality.

When you suggested root canals, you should prepare for the therapy before you head to the Bellaire specialist to ensure you receive this intensive treatment and recover from the procedure comfortably. What can you do to prepare for a root canal?

It is best to avoid some things, as mentioned in this article, to undergo root canals from endodontists near you and recover from the therapy without enduring considerable problems.

How to Prepare for a Root Canal?

Preparing for a root canal requires you to refrain from indulging in some activities to go through the treatment without complications. They are:

Avoiding Alcohol and Tobacco

During your treatment, the specialist injects local anesthesia in your mouth and might even provide sedation if your dental anxiety levels are high. You might also receive narcotic painkillers after the procedure. Therefore you must avoid alcohol and tobacco 24 hours before your treatment and 48 hours later to ensure the medications and drugs don’t adversely affect your mouth and overall health.

Eating Before Your Appointment

You must reach the practice of the Bellaire specialist with your tummy full of foods unless advised by them to refrain from eating. The anesthesia injected in your mouth remains active for four to six hours after the treatment making it challenging for you to have food or drink beverages for fear of biting the insides of your mouth or burning your throat. Therefore before reaching the specialist’s practice, ensure that your stomach is full to make your recovery comfortable.

Medications before the Treatment

If you discuss your dental anxiety with the Bellaire specialist, they will likely prescribe antianxiety medications to relax you before the treatment. You must take the medicines an hour before your procedure to ensure that you arrive for your appointment relaxed but conscious of your surroundings and responsive to queries. Kindly do not consider driving to and from the specialist’s office because the medicines make you incapable of operating vehicles. Instead, arrange for transportation with a trusted family member who can remain with you for at least a couple of hours after returning home after the root canal.


Getting a whole night’s rest before and after getting root canals is essential for your recovery. Your body repairs itself when sleeping making it necessary for you to get sufficient sleep the night before the treatment and the day of the therapy. If you are concerned about the oncoming treatment, try to relax by using techniques like meditation, a warm shower, listening to music, et cetera but ensure that you get sufficient rest as suggested.


When discussing severe therapy with the Bellaire specialist, no questions are too many. It would help you to understand what the specialist intends to do with your tooth to relieve the pain you experience and how you can recover comfortably after receiving the therapy. Do not hesitate to ask questions about what you can eat, what to avoid, and how to keep your mouth clean after receiving the treatment to eliminate the condition in your tooth.

Tara Dental Group performs root canals on many patients to eliminate infections inside a tooth. They also provide patients with comprehensive instructions on preparing for this therapy and recovering comfortably. If you have an excruciating toothache in a specific tooth, consult this practice to receive treatment from a specialist to preserve your natural tooth.

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