Some Situations When Emergency Dentistry Becomes Necessary

Some Situations When Emergency Dentistry Becomes Necessary

Mar 01, 2020

Any oral issue needs attention from a dentist as soon as possible but not every oral issue can be considered an emergency. Some problems can wait until a dental appointment can be scheduled. Some issues will require emergency dental care even from dentist 77041 who may provide the required assistance.

The patient will be suffering from unbearable pain and will not be in a position to wait for a few weeks until an appointment can be scheduled. Ignoring the issue will only aggravate the problem to make it worse than it already is.

When Emergency Dental Care Becomes Essential?

Patients are often reluctant to contact emergency dental care fearing they will have to pay more for the appointment. Most patients do not understand the severity of their condition and prefer to ignore or delay the treatment until they can get to their regular cosmetic dentist Bellaire. To make it easier for patients to understand when emergency dental care is essential we are making it easier for them giving some situations where the services of an emergency dentist will be imperative. Let us look at the reasons when emergency dentistry should not be ignored:

Persistent Toothaches

Every toothache is not an emergency toothache. While some can be managed easily with over-the-counter pain medications the others will prevent the patient to focus on daily activities and even spend a sleepless night. Patients that experience sharp and persistent toothaches that refuse to disappear must understand it could be a sign of a dental issue needing immediate treatment. The pain would be a result of an infection or a fractured tooth.

Damaged Tooth

Patients will be exposed to complications of various types when they have chipped, fractured, or broken teeth especially when they ignore the condition. The fracture can expand until it reaches the pulp chamber. This occurrence will expose the pulp chamber to the food particles and bacteria in the patient’s mouth. This can lead to tooth decay and infections which eventually result in either a root canal be required or the tooth being extracted.

Severely Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums is an indicator that the patient is suffering from gum disease and infection. It is easy to treat infections if detected in the early stages but once it begins to spread to other areas of mouth it can be difficult to control it. The same also applies to gum disease because the early stages completely reversible but the condition is not the same when the disease gingivitis progresses to periodontitis.

Loss of Dental Prosthetics

Patients that have crowns, veneers, and fillings in their mouth need to seek a dentist as soon as possible when something goes wrong with their appliances. It can be difficult the patient is attending or needs to attend a social function and the prosthetics are not functioning properly as desired. Crowns may need to be replaced immediately with help from emergency dentistry but fillings in the posterior regions of the mouth can wait for the regular hours of the dentist. Veneers can be restored easily by the emergency dentist if the patient wants to smile gracefully everywhere.

Tooth Loss

Patients that undergo dental trauma in Bellaire resulting in tooth loss can contact the dentist in Bellaire, TX, because the dental clinic near me visit will be essential. The injury could also have damaged the surrounding gum tissue and nerves that can lead to significant complications if not attended right away by emergency dentistry in Bellaire, TX. If the patient attempts to reach the dentist within 30 minutes with the tooth that has been knocked out by preserving in saliva or milk the dentist may be in a position to reattach the tooth in the patient’s mouth.

Patients are recommended to understand the differences between an emergency and a normal oral issue that can happen to anyone. Contacting a dentist for emergency treatment will not be difficult because dentists despite their hectic schedules are setting aside time for emergency patients. They can and will provide any treatment needed by the patient even if it is determined that the patient is not reporting a genuine emergency. However, the patient will be billed for the services provided according to emergency prices and not the regular prices charged by the dentist in Gulfton, TX. Therefore understanding dental emergencies better is a more suitable option for patients that are suffering from any oral issue.

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