Signs That Your Denture Might Need Fixing

Signs That Your Denture Might Need Fixing

Apr 01, 2022

Dentures are one of the most popular tooth replacement options out there. They’re easy to fix and require average maintenance. However, even the strongest dentures can not last forever. Dentures are quite susceptible to damage because they’re removable, which worsens with poor maintenance. There are warning signs that tell you that your denture needs a quick fix. Let us discuss them.

Basically, one’s denture requires restoration or repair when it becomes incapable of performing its function effectively. A loose denture that slips easily or irritates your teeth and gums is not one you want to keep on. If you’re unsure, visit your cosmetic dentist Bellaire today. They may recommend denture repair in Bellaire, TX to you. What should a standard denture feel like anyway? Let’s find out.

How Well Should Your Dentures Fit Your Teeth?

Dentures take the place of your natural teeth. A suitable denture should fit like your natural teeth were still there. Is your denture loose-fitting? Does it prevent you from chewing and speaking well? Such an oral accessory is a liability. It can even cause damage to the teeth.

Dentists in Bellaire, TX, can examine the dentures and determine if a change or fixing is needed. Several types of dentures fit differently in the mouth. Each complete dentures have an upper and lower arch. The upper arch of dentures attaches firmly to the upper gums. However, the artificial teeth of the lower set barely touch the gums.

Some dentures only replace a few teeth in the dentition. They are partial dentures. These dentures allow some mobility as they fit well with natural teeth. You might need to schedule an appointment with Dentists in Bellaire, TX, if your dentures are not safe as they should be.

How Do You Know That Your Denture Requires A Repair?

A damaged denture could lead to severe pain, distorted eating and chewing abilities, and injuries to the mouth. This condition can degenerate into something worse when left unrepaired.

Tara Dental Group stresses that one should get immediate treatment if any of the following occurrences take place:

  1. There are swollen or bleeding gums: A standard denture should not cause any form of discomfort or injury to the mouth. A bleeding gum signifies that the denture is harmful and needs to be replaced or fixed.
  2. Soft tissues of the mouth and jaw suffer from constant injuries: There is a need for denture repair around you quickly when it occurs. Minor injuries can later deteriorate into something more severe.
  3. Unfavourable changes occur in the layout of the facial muscles: Damaged dentures can make you look older than you are. Such fixtures give your facial muscles an indented image.
  4. The dentures slip or move occasionally: Your formerly fitted could suddenly start slipping from time to time. Occurrences like this indicate the dentures are no longer the correct fit for your dentition.
  5. One’s eating abilities become impaired: One might need to get used to the denture when fixed for the first time. However, this feeling should not persist for long. Complain to dental experts if it is hard to chew with dentures.
  6. The individual acquires a bad breath: A broken or cracked denture might harbor food particles which can cause mouth odor. Teeth brushing would not even eradicate the offensive smell. Most dental practitioners advise that the best solution might be getting a denture repair near me.

Restoration Of Your Tooth Denture

Dentists around you will first examine the problematic denture. That will enable them to determine the appropriate remedy, be it a change, rehabilitation, or adjustment. A dental laboratory technician can reline a fractured denture. Dentists give guidelines on the repair procedure.


Some individuals attempt to fix their broken dentures by themselves by using glue. This process could be dangerous to dental health. Adhesives contain deadly chemicals harmful to the body system. Hence, one should only book appointments with dental experts when your denture needs repair.

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