vVARDIS in Bellaire, TX

As dentistry continues to advance, exciting new treatments are emerging that can benefit patients of all ages. One of these cutting-edge therapies is vVARDIS, a revolutionary way to strengthen and preserve your natural teeth.

So what exactly is vVARDIS, and how does it work? vVARDIS utilizes a high-tech liquid enamel formula that is painted directly onto the teeth. This liquid enamel chemically bonds to the existing tooth structure, reinforcing weak spots and filling microscopic cracks and defects. The result is a dramatically hardened tooth surface that is more resistant to cavities and decay.

Patients who choose vVARDIS can benefit in several key ways:

  • Strengthening of teeth structure – vVARDIS bonds to natural enamel, protecting against chips, cracks, and fractures
  • Cavity prevention – Sealing tooth defects inhibits decay and helps prevent the formation of new cavities
  • Tooth sensitivity relief – Sealed dentinal tubules reduce sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Esthetic enhancement – Subtle whitening and smoothing of tooth surface improves the appearance
  • Delay of more invasive treatments – Strengthened teeth may forestall the need for crowns, or other dental work

The dentists at Tara Dental Group are thrilled now to offer vVARDIS to their patients here in Bellaire. With vVARDIS, you can proactively strengthen your natural smile rather than reactively repair damage after it has reached advanced stages. This represents a paradigm shift in the field of dentistry.

The vVARDIS treatment process is straightforward and non-invasive. It is applied right in the dental chair, and no anesthetic is required. Your dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth, looking for any areas of weakness or structural flaws. They will then use the vVARDIS liquid enamel to paint onto problem spots and any other teeth that could benefit from strengthening. The liquid dries and hardens quickly, bonding securely to the underlying enamel. A single vVARDIS application can provide protection and fortification for years.

Patients of all ages can achieve meaningful improvements with vVARDIS. For children and teens, treating teeth early with vVARDIS can prevent the development of cavities and other issues as the teeth continue to mature. In middle-aged patients, vVARDIS can reinforce teeth that exhibit signs of stress and wear. And for seniors, applying vVARDIS can help teeth remain strong and functional for decades to come. This is a particularly exciting innovation, as preserving one’s natural teeth for life is a growing priority among the senior population.

The skilled dentists at Tara Dental Group stay current on the latest dental technologies so they can offer better outcomes for patients. They believe vVARDIS is an important new tool for tooth longevity and oral health maintenance. When strengthened with vVARDIS liquid enamel, your natural teeth will be ready to serve you well for years or even decades into the future.

Keep your teeth strong and intact with vVARDIS! No drilling, no injections, and no trauma to the tooth. Just a simple, non-invasive liquid enamel application administered right in the relaxed and friendly office of Tara Dental Group here in Bellaire. Maintain your natural smile for life with the help of vVARDIS. Talk to your Bellaire dentist today and ask if vVARDIS may be appropriate for you or your family members’ dental needs. They will be happy to discuss options for keeping your teeth resilient, healthy, and functioning at their best.

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