Partials and Dentures in Bellaire, TX

Are you looking for safe, aesthetic, and personalized dental restorations? At Tara Dental Group, we offer partials and dentures near you.

Losing some or all of your teeth can be extremely unpleasant in terms of aesthetics as well as functionalities. You may find it difficult to bite, chew, speak, or even smile. Lost teeth can affect your facial structure as well; sunken cheeks and a sagging jawline make you appear much older in appearance.

The good news is that with modern dental care options, patients no longer need to struggle with the problems of missing teeth. For example, dentures and partials can restore your oral cavity and improve your profile.

How Dentures and Partials Can Help You

If you’re wondering about alternatives to partials and dentures, you can opt for implants or cemented bridges. Implants are a surgical option and require adequate bone to support the implant. Our expert team at Tara Dental Group will be happy to discuss options, benefits, and costs with you.

Here’s a closer look at important benefits offered by dentures and partials:

  • Fewer restrictions on the foods you can eat; dentures help you chew and bite properly
  • Minimize social awkwardness and self-consciousness caused by missing teeth and gaps
  • Protection from further wear and tear as partials can reduce the load on other teeth
  • Improved ability to chew and bite your food properly – this is very important in terms of digestion too. You will no longer be forced to swallow large morsels of food
  • They can easily be removed for proper cleaning and brushing

With good care, dentures and partials can last for years. It’s normal for new dentures to feel strange in the first few days or weeks. Your tongue and cheek muscles gradually learn to keep the denture in place, and they will start to feel comfortable.

Our dentists at Tara Dental Group are happy to adjust your dentures and provide detailed after-care guidance as well. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for partials and dentures in Bellaire, TX.

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