Patient Amenities

At Tara Dental Group, patient comfort and safety come first. As a dental practice, we’re continually reviewing our operations to improve the patient experience.

We aim to ensure that our technology supports our mission of providing exceptional and unmatched dental care. One of our newest additions to our dental technology is our extraoral suction unit.

In the world of dentistry, aerosol particles created during dental procedures present a dangerous risk. Without a proper way of containing these aerosol particles, there’s a real threat of cross-contamination and transmission of viruses. Even worse, these aerosol particles can linger in a dental office’s open spaces for hours and even days.

Our powerful extraoral suction unit eliminates these aerosols, along with harmful pathogens and microbes that linger in the air, thus safeguarding our patients’ and staff’s well-being.

How the Extraoral Suction Unit Works

Our extraoral suction unit works by drawing in all the harmful aerosols that result from dental treatments. The suction unit contains a medical-grade HEPA filtration system that absorbs moisture while catching all contaminated particles. A UV-C light disinfecting system destroys any microbes that would otherwise linger in the air.

After multi-stage filtration and sterilization, the now-clean and aerosol-free air is released back outside, where it poses no threat.

What to Expect

Our dentist will strategically position the extraoral suction unit to catch all particles and splatter resulting from your dental procedure. The suction unit is portable and can be moved around as required. It also has noise-reduction filters to ensure a comfortable experience for our patients.

Some of the key benefits of the extraoral suction unit include:

  • Significant reduction of the risk of transmission of disease through aerosols and droplets
  • Reduction in patient anxiety. Thanks to our extraoral suction unit, you know that you’re safe and protected against contamination during your treatment.
  • Polluted air often causes allergic reactions such as coughing and itchy eyes. The suction unit reduces air pollution, thus reducing the risk of developing allergic reactions.

Is the risk of virus spread keeping you away from your dental appointments? At Tara Dental Group, we have taken extra precautions to ensure we don’t expose our patients to disease-causing pathogens. Contact us today to experience our extraoral suction unit and dental care that exceeds your expectations.

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