Most Common Types of Dental Emergencies

Most Common Types of Dental Emergencies

May 01, 2022

Dental emergencies always show up in a heartbeat. You can never anticipate them and the only thing you can do is not panic. Dental emergencies need prompt care from our dentist in Bellaire, TX. If you don’t seek emergency dentistry near me, you risk developing complications that can be difficult to solve.

What’s more, dental emergencies can affect anyone and can range in severity. Therefore, you should at least be prepared for the chance that it might happen to you or a loved one. You’d rather be prepared and collect the necessary information than wait for it to knock at your door, and you are ill-informed. Over half of the issue is solved when you know whether it is a dental emergency or non-emergency.

Symptoms of a Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies demand an immediate response since they are time-sensitive. Sometimes, the issues can be reversed if you rush to seek emergency dentistry in Bellaire, TX. In the meantime, you can reduce a ton of stress if you know some of the pointers that might help you decipher if what you face is a dental emergency, such as:

  • You have a severe and persistent toothache
  • Your tooth is knocked out
  • Your jaw is locked
  • You have severe pain in your jaw that radiates to the ear or neck
  • You have foul breath, pus-filled pocket on the gums, tooth sensitivity, and fever
  • You have a bleeding cracked, or broken tooth
  • You have experienced any kind of trauma to the mouth
  • You are bleeding incessantly

As mentioned earlier, time is not your friend. So, you should know where you need to go to get treatment prior to an emergency. You will save precious minutes that you would otherwise waste trying to look for a good dentist while in the thick of things.

Some of the Prevalent Dental Emergencies

The easiest way for you to know if you are facing a dental emergency is by the severity of your issue. Can you wait for 12 or even 24 plus hours to get treatment? If you can wait for more than a day to receive dental care, you are not in a dental emergency. Your issue could be urgent and even causing you some discomfort, but always know that it’s not an emergency if it can wait.

Either way, here are the common emergencies:

  • Knocked-out Tooth

A sudden and direct blow to your oral cavity can cause your teeth to come out. In this case, you are racing against time since the longer you take to get treated, the lower the chances for your tooth to be reinserted. In fact, if you can get to see our dentist in Bellaire, TX, within 30 minutes, you have a greater chance of success.

Immediately your tooth gets knocked out; pick it up using the crown and not the roots. Rinse it to remove dirt, but do it gently not to disturb the roots.

If you can reinsert it in the socket, the better; however, if you can’t, place the tooth in milk or between the gums and cheeks to keep it moist

  • Abscessed Tooth

This describes a condition where your tooth is infected. You will notice that you have foul breath, fever, pus-filled pocket on the gums, tender gums, and even tooth sensitivity. Treating an abscess is critical since the infection can affect other body parts.

  • Cracked, Fractured, or Broken Teeth

A direct blow to the teeth or chewing on hard objects can cause the tooth to crack, break, or fracture. Sometimes, you might not feel pain. But in certain cases, it can be very painful that you might not be able to function until you receive dental care.

The pain is usually an indicator that the nerves are exposed. If there is nerve damage, you will need a root canal near me.

  • Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries usually come with excessive bleeding, and you will need immediate care to stop the bleeding. If this happens to you, try to rinse your mouth using warm salty water, and use gauze to stop the bleeding.

  • Loose Permanent Teeth

Permanent or adult teeth are not supposed to be loose. Therefore, if you notice that your teeth are loose, you need to visit our dentist 77401 immediately to prevent the chance of you losing your teeth.

Dental emergencies are treatable and, even in some cases, reversible. But you have to remember time is the most important thing. Contact us at Tara Dental Group if you need emergency dentistry in Bellaire, TX.

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