Is a Dental Crown Falling Out a Dental Emergency?

Is a Dental Crown Falling Out a Dental Emergency?

Feb 01, 2023

Biting down on hard food or teeth grinding can lead to the falling out of your tooth crown. This event can be shocking and leave you wondering what to do next. Do you need to see the emergency dentistry near me, or can you wait for your next dental appointment? Here’s what you need to know about a dental crown falling out.

What Can Cause A Dental Crown To Fall Off?

As mentioned earlier, biting down on hard or chewy foods can lead to the falling of your tooth crown. On top of that, chewing on pens and nails can gradually compromise the strength of your tooth crown. Your tooth crown can also fall off if you grind your teeth at night.

Is A Broken Tooth Crown an Emergency?

There’s no need to call the emergency dentist near you when your tooth crown falls off. This is because a broken or lost tooth crown does not cause immediate danger to your oral and overall health.

Nevertheless, it would be best to look for a dentist who fixes dental crowns near you as soon as possible. This is because your broken tooth crown can have sharp edges that may cause damage to your soft gums. In addition, the dentist will give you pain relievers to reduce pain caused by a broken tooth crown.

Losing a dental crown can be a dental emergency in the following situations:

  • You experience immense pain that does not reduce even after taking painkillers.
  • The crown is partially attached and can cause you to choke.
  • You can remove the crown completely or put it back in place.

Before seeing the dentist, you can pour hydrogen peroxide into the fallen tooth crown as this sterilizes it. After doing so, place the tooth crown in a plastic container like a pillbox and take it to the cosmetic dentist in Bellaire.

What If You Swallow a Tooth Crown?

You can not be sure if you swallowed your dental crown or breathed it into your lungs. Therefore, if you suspect you did, you should look for emergency services as soon as possible. This is because if you aspirate your tooth crown, it will be stuck in your lungs, which can harm your health. But if you are sure you swallowed the fallen tooth crown, do not panic. This is because a tooth crown is made of non-toxic ceramic matter and will pass naturally.

If your tooth crown falls off, you should have it replaced as soon as possible. This is especially important for people who have undergone root canal therapy as their teeth are weak and vulnerable. So, losing a crown means their tooth are vulnerable to chewing forces and bacterial infection leading to tooth loss.

Moreover, failure to see your dentist as soon as possible means that your tooth can become loose, especially if it has cavities. But it would help if you did not fix the fallen tooth crown using super glue. Using superglue might seem like a good idea, but it isn’t.

First, superglue can poison you. Some superglues contain toxic substances that are harmful to your health. It is better to go to the emergency dentist and have it fixed instead.

Moreover, using superglue can worsen the damaged tooth. This is because your tooth contains a dental adhesive that must be removed before the crown is returned. Applying super glue means the crown will not fit well on your tooth. When a tooth crown is not placed well, it can affect your chewing, causing cracks or chips in your tooth enamel.

Is It Safe to Eat or Drink Before Getting a Lost Dental Crown Replaced?

Yes, it is safe to eat or drink after losing a tooth crown as long as you’re not chewing with the side that you lost the crown. However, it would be best to avoid cold drinks as they can cause pain in the affected tooth. Additionally, you should avoid taking chewy or hard foods as they can mess with the vulnerable tooth.

How Long Can You Stay Without a Tooth Crown?

You can stay for several weeks without a dental crown, although the cosmetic dentist in Bellaire advises against this. Your tooth requires a crown for protection and support. Without it, your tooth is susceptible to damage and sensitivity. So, if you lose a tooth crown, head to Tara Dental Group, and our dentist will replace it. But don’t stay for long without a tooth crown.

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