How to Handle Dental Emergency- Tips from Dentist in Bellaire

How to Handle Dental Emergency- Tips from Dentist in Bellaire

Sep 01, 2019

Dental emergencies very often can occur at any moment or place. Most people are never prepared for these emergencies. In case you encounter a dental emergency, you must straightaway call the dentist and schedule an appointment but you must also have a little awareness in order to handle the situation till the time you reach the dental clinic near me. Let’s explore some tips for handling the dental emergencies as suggested by the dentist in Bellaire:

If you have a dental emergency in Bellaire, don’t panic as most of the time it is not the severity of the issue, but the pain that makes you go crazy. Calling the dentist and scheduling an appointment will help but following the below-mentioned remedies will offer you relief till the time you reach the dentist near 77401.

  • Knocked Out Tooth

If you lose a tooth, you would need an implant for replacing it. The implant will help in filling the place not just above the gum, but also below the gum as it will also substitute the tooth root with the help of titanium implant post. If you reach the dentist within an hour of your losing the tooth, chances are that the dentist will be able to reattach the tooth back to its canal. Pick the tooth from its crown and not roots and place it in a bowl of cold water or milk. Call the dentist and inform them that you are coming with a knocked-out tooth. If he is not available, you must rush to the emergency room. There can be nothing better than having your tooth restored.

  • Swelling in Face

Swelling may be an indication of serious dental infection that needs immediate dental care, as such conditions don’t get better on their own. It can be a sign of an infected tooth, bone infection, or gum infection. It is suggested to see a dentist as soon as possible, because delaying can lead to complications. Till the time you see the Dentist in Bellaire, TX, you must stay upright and avoid lying flat even during your sleep. It is important to stay hydrated as dehydration can make the condition complicated.

  • Broken/ Chipped/ cracked Tooth

In case of a small crack, a simple filling should be fine, but in case of a large crack, you would need a crown. However, if the tooth is cracked all the way through, it would need an extraction followed by an implant. In case your crown breaks or falls off, you can wait till the next day to see the dentist in Gulfton, TX.

There is no need to panic in this situation if you are not in pain. Often, there would be no pain when a tooth breaks; only some sensitivity to hot and cold. It means that the piece that broke off was big enough for exposing the inner structure of the tooth known as dentin. See the dentist the next day for a diagnosis on whether you would need a filling, crown, or replacement.

  • Bleeding Mouth

Bleeding can be the sign of a chronic or acute condition. Seeing blood while brushing or flossing can be a sign of gum disease. However, seeing blood in your saliva can be a sign of an advanced stage of cancer or advanced stage of gum disease known as periodontitis. Bleeding after extraction that won’t stop needs medical care. If you see blood during flossing, see the dentist as early as possible so that the gum disease can be reversed in the early stage. In case of bleeding after getting a dental procedure done, you must go back right away to the dentist near you or the oral surgeon who performed the procedure.

  • Gum Abscess

Gum abscess looks like a yellow, red, and clear whitish pimple on the gums and is an indication of infection. It can be a sign of decay that needs a root canal or may be an extraction as well. In some cases, you may also need antibiotics for treatment as it can lead to permanent gum recession if left untreated. You must see the dentist as early as possible and avoid popping the pimple. You can keep on brushing and flossing your teeth as usual.

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