How to Fix a Broken Denture- Expert Denture Repair?

How to Fix a Broken Denture- Expert Denture Repair?

Jul 16, 2019

People who are using denture sometimes end up with a broken one because of wear and tear, eating hard foods, temperature difference, and so on. Once the denture is broken, then people have this question that “Is it repairable?” The answer to this question is yes; Tara Dental Group has many Case Example of Denture Repair, which makes them experts of these services.

Evaluation of the Broken Denture: Some of the people want to become an expert of this and try to use glue, but this is a very wrong approach because it can create a further problem. Dentist 77401 does feasibility analysis and fit of the fracture segment. If the fracture segment fits properly, then it becomes easy to operate.

Fabrication of Silicone Mold: In this mold, two types of material are used one is unset base, and another one is catalyst putties. Both of them are mixed and applied on the broken denture. Dentist in Bellaire TX waits till it becomes hard. It is very important that the material is hard. Otherwise, the repair process would not proceed.

Opening of the Fracture Line in the Denture, Placement of Carbon Fiber and Denture Repair Material: In the next step, dentist drill the fracture area and remove some millimeters and several channels are cut, special carbon fiber material is placed and then repair material is placed in that area dental clinic near me.

Polymerization of the Denture Repair Material and Finishing and Polishing: This is the last part of the process, cosmetic dentist bellaire put the repair filled material denture into the water and in a controlled environment so it can repair and then finishing is provided to the denture.

Evaluation of Repaired Denture and Denture Delivery: Repair is done now, it is time to check that it fits in your mouth properly and you can eat food properly and also speak.

If you are the one who finds a crack in the denture, then you should approach the dentist near you or Tara Dental Group so they can help you to repair them quickly and provide long term solution to your denture.

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