How Do You Know if Your Toothache Is an Emergency?

How Do You Know if Your Toothache Is an Emergency?

Oct 03, 2022

Are you experiencing dental pain that can’t seem to go away no matter what you do? A toothache is usually a common sign of dental problems. If you have tried applying a cold compress on the tooth, taking pain medication, and natural remedies, but the pain is still prevalent, you should consider seeing an emergency dentist near you as soon as possible. But how do you tell if your toothache is a dental problem that requires emergency treatment? We have prepared this article for that reasons.

Is Dental Pain Considered a Dental Emergency?

This will depend on other factors. In most cases, dental pain is accompanied by other symptoms like bleeding, increased tooth sensitivity, and swelling of the gum tissue. Additionally, you could try to remember what led to the dental problem. For example, dental pain after getting involved in an accident is considered a dental emergency, so you should see an emergency dentist in Bellaire, TX.

Trauma to the face often leads to experience severe dental pain or bleeding and, in some cases, tooth loss. However, you might not always feel pain immediately after since your body may still be in shock a few minutes after the accident or collision. Unfortunately, some fast responders only look for signs of body injuries and hardly check for oral injuries. Not unless you have physical signs of injury to the lips, mouth, or teeth or complaining of dental pain, they may not be able to diagnose your dental problem.

Additionally, you could suffer from dental pain due to cavities in your teeth or having a loose dental restoration. Apart from dental pain and bleeding, you can also tell if you are suffering from the early signs of tooth cavity if your teeth start feeling extra sensitive when taking hot and cold beverages or food. If you have toothaches due to loose dental fillings, you should go for emergency dentistry near me as some fillings materials could be harmful to your health once they start leaking.

A swollen jaw and neck accompanied by dental pain is also a sign of dental emergencies. Patients who experience these symptoms should seek treatment as soon as possible since it is commonly associated with oral infections. Infections should be taken seriously since they can spread to other body parts and not just the oral region.

What Is Not Considered a Dental Emergency?

There are cases where dental pain may not be considered a dental emergency. Therefore your dentist might not offer immediate treatment but rather schedule you for a dental procedure on a later date. For example, a mildly chipped or cracked tooth which does not result in severe dental pain may not qualify as a dental emergency. However, if your symptoms are too severe, we recommend going for emergency dentistry in Bellaire, TX, for immediate treatment. You can visit our dental clinic if unsure whether your dental pain is a dental emergency.

How to Prevent Dental Emergencies?

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Brushing your teeth at least 2 times a day and flossing is a great way to avoid dental emergencies in the future. Remember to replace your toothbrush regularly and also use toothpaste from reputable brands. We recommend using an electric toothbrush since it’s more effective in removing food particles. They also feature an inbuilt wear indicator that notifies you when the toothbrush bristles have become too worn out and are affordable and widely sold.

Wear All Necessary Protective Gear

Some sports, such as boxing, wrestling, and football, could be rough. Players can often get dental injuries due to the trauma they are subjected to when playing these sports, which might lead to tooth injuries and, in some cases, tooth loss. A mouth guard may not be able to protect you from facial and dental injuries entirely, but it will significantly reduce the impact of trauma on the mouth region. If you work in a more accident-prone job like construction, it’s good that you wear all necessary protective equipment like safety boots and helmets.

Go for Regular Dental Checkups

Prevention is better than treatment. Why not go for regular dental checkups instead of waiting for dental emergencies to occur before seeking treatment? A dental checkup usually involves a thorough inspection of your oral cavity to check for any signs of dental problems. Your dentist 77401 will also do regular dental cleanings, ensuring your teeth are always clean and in good health.


There are many dental diseases associated with dental pain. It is therefore essential that you go for a dental checkup so a dentist may be able to identify these problems and offer the best treatment. If you have been experiencing toothaches, visit Tara Dental Group as soon as possible for a dental checkup and treatment. We ensure all our dental services are provided with efficiency so they can yield the best results in the shortest time possible.

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