Difference between Braces and FastBraces

Difference between Braces and FastBraces

Aug 01, 2022

When correcting misalignments with teeth, you are no longer restricted to traditional braces like earlier. Traditional braces discovered over a century ago remain the gold standard for fixing problems with crooked, gapped, rotated, protruding teeth and bite alignment. Unfortunately, traditional braces require three years or more to straighten the teeth to give you your desired smile. Fortunately, dentistry innovations presently make available another option fastbraces offering teeth straightening treatments faster than traditional braces.

If you are affected by dental imperfections, as mentioned earlier, and cannot wait endlessly to achieve a better smile, you can consider getting FastBracesĀ® near you, delivering faster results than traditional braces. However, before you choose an option to straighten your teeth, you must consider whether you want straighter teeth merely to complement your smile or correct everything wrong with your teeth and jaw. Therefore it helps if you inquire about both options with your dentist will determine which solution best suits your needs. In addition, however, you must also decide whether you want to have the orthodontic problem affecting you treated or merely straighten your teeth to have a beautiful smile.

How Do Traditional Braces Differ from Fastbraces?

Traditional braces focus on treating your orthodontic issues to correct all problems and deliver excellent results despite requiring more time for the treatment. Traditional braces do not merely focus on straightening your teeth to give you a beautiful smile but also look at your bite, palate spacing, and other particulars that need corrections. Most dentists recommend traditional braces because they ensure every aspect of your oral health and smile are cared for during your treatment. Traditional braces can treat all orthodontic issues, including malocclusion and jaw misalignment.

FastBracesĀ® Bellaire, TX, is an option you can select if you want to complete the teeth straightening treatment quickly to achieve a beautiful smile within 12 months. Whether you have mild or moderate orthodontic complications, the treatment time with fastbraces remains the same. Unfortunately, as the treatment time with fastbraces is limited to 12 months, some areas of your overall dental health and smile remain unfixed.

When you visit the dentist near me to determine whether you are a candidate for fastbraces treatment, they offer you a free consultation to determine whether your orthodontic imperfections are moderate or complicated. The dentist advises whether you are a candidate for straightening your teeth with fastbraces during your talk after the evaluation. Fastbraces are not suitable for patients with complicated situations that are better corrected with traditional braces.

The Functioning of FastBraces

Fastbraces do not use square brackets like traditional braces but use triangular brackets to increase gaps between each brace. The triangular shape makes the wire flexible, allowing them to correct the position of the tooth root simultaneously, in contrast to traditional braces that require more time to fix the crowns and roots. In addition, fastbraces engage the entire tooth structure when starting the treatment.

Fastbraces help correct crowding, crooked teeth, gapped teeth, and teeth misalignment. The braces are attached to the front of the teeth and linked with wires. The unique design straightens the dental crown and the roots simultaneously from the beginning to give patients straighten teeth within months instead of years. You can complete teeth straightening treatment in approximately nine months or a year compared to three or more years needed by traditional braces.

Should You Consider FastBraces over Conventional Braces?

The design of fastbraces incorporates convenience and affordability making the procedure inexpensive compared to traditional braces. It also offers you the comfort of achieving results faster and more efficiently to achieve your goal. For example, if you have traditional braces, you must visit your orthodontist every month to adjust or replace braces wires. In stark contrast, fastbraces only use a single wire to reduce dental appointments during your treatment drastically.

Fastbraces are also an aesthetically pleasing treatment because the wires and brackets used are comfortable. You can also have clear brackets if you desire a discreet treatment to straighten your teeth. In addition, the flexibility of the wire ensures you experience less sensitivity during this treatment.

All the above will not be available with traditional braces. While conventional braces undoubtedly correct all orthodontic issues, fastbraces change orthodontic treatments by delivering faster results, affordability, and convenience. Therefore if you are a candidate for this treatment, you might have a challenging decision to make choosing the treatment you think is best suited for your needs.

If you want straighter teeth and a beautiful smile within 12 months comfortably and affordably, Tara Dental Group provides fastbraces in Bellaire. Kindly schedule an appointment with them to determine whether you are suitable for orthodontic treatment with fastbraces.

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