Dental Bridges Vs. Partial Dentures: Which Is Better?

Dental Bridges Vs. Partial Dentures: Which Is Better?

Mar 01, 2023

Losing a few teeth creates gaps in your smile and dramatically affects your speech, appearance, and mouth functionality. Instead of enduring the inconvenience and embarrassment, it helps to consider visiting the dentist near me and discussing replacement options for your missing teeth.

The two most popular tooth replacement solutions currently on the market are partial dentures and dental bridges. However, you might need help determining which solution best suits your needs. Your dentist will undoubtedly provide guidance to help you make a suitable choice. This article provides the fundamentals of these restorative solutions to help you clearly understand what to expect when selecting partial dentures or dental bridges.

Choosing between Partials and Bridges

Fixed Dental Bridges

Fixed dental bridges are fake teeth permanently bonded in your mouth. They are beneficial if you have one or more missing teeth adjacent to each other. Dental bridges help bridge the gap between your natural teeth after they are secured in place by crowning the neighboring healthy teeth on both sides of the edentulous gap.

When placing dental bridges, modification of the healthy neighboring teeth by removing tooth structure is essential to accommodate dental crowns in Bellaire, TX. If you don’t have healthy adjacent teeth or are affected by more than four missing teeth in a row, you can have dental bridges supported by implants by undergoing a surgical procedure. Fixed dental bridges are comfortable to adapt to and easy to use and clean.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures near you are removable customized prosthetics fitting around your remaining natural teeth. The partials are attached to your mouth using precision attachments or clasps clipping to your natural teeth.

Partial dentures have a pink gum-colored base with false teeth mounted. Partial dentures need removal for cleaning and when sleeping. Although partials are not fixed, you can enjoy your favorite foods without concerns about the denture moving or falling out.

Which Option Best Suits Your Needs?

The dentist nearby will suggest a teeth replacement option that best suits your needs after assessing your dental health. Elements like the health of your natural teeth and the severity of tooth loss are considered before making a recommendation.

  • If you have multiple missing teeth in different places in an arch, you find it beneficial to replace them using partial dentures in Bellaire, TX.
  • Partial dentures also benefit you if you don’t have healthy neighboring teeth besides the edentulous gaps.
  • If the costs of dental bridges are a concern, partial dentures best fit your needs.
  • Fixed bridges are an excellent option if you have lost one to four teeth in a row in your dental arch.
  • Bridges are excellent if you want a fixed and secured solution for missing teeth capable of withstanding the biting and chewing forces.
  • You have healthy teeth to accommodate dental crowns with dental bridges held between them.
  • You want an enhanced appearance and desire natural-looking artificial teeth.

Making A Decision

Deciding on partial dentures or fixed bridges is your discretion and the investment you want to make in artificial teeth. However, both options are reliable and have proven beneficial for replacing missing teeth, single or several.

If you favor partial dentures nearby, you must prepare for several appointments with the Bellaire provider after giving them impressions of your teeth and mouth to have them customized by a prosthodontist. It would help if you waited for several weeks until the technician customizes your artificial teeth to fit accurately in your mouth, resembling the teeth you lost. However, partial dentures are a cost-effective solution helping you replace missing teeth by having the prosthetics attached to your mouth remain as removable appliances. However, you can rest assured the partial dentures will satisfy your need to close the gaps between your teeth to restore your appearance and mouth functionality in a few visits to the Bellaire provider.

If you desire a fixed option in your mouth and have healthy teeth to support bridges, it is an excellent option for your consideration. You can get dental bridges in two appointments with your dentist after the preparatory process of filing your natural teeth to accommodate your artificial teeth. Unfortunately, bridges require considerable investment, depending on how many teeth you miss. Therefore they might not prove cost-effective as partials while also impacting the neighboring healthy teeth.

Now that you know the differences between partial dentures and bridges but still need further clarification, Tara Dental Group can help you determine the best solution by examining your mouth to recommend a suitable solution. After obtaining advice from these professionals, don’t hesitate to contact them today to receive your replacement teeth.

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