Could It Be That You Need A Crown: Reasons To Get Dental Crowns

Could It Be That You Need A Crown: Reasons To Get Dental Crowns

Apr 01, 2020

Usually, when you are prescribed for a procedure, the reasons are clear. Actually, in some circumstances, you can visits the dentist knowing what to expect. However, for the case of dental crowning, it appears as a solution for many issues. There are multiple situations and cases when the dentist can prescribe dental crowning for you. Before we discuss these situations let us get clear on what dental crown is.

What is dental crown?

As the name suggests, you will get a dental crown on top of your teeth. A dental crown is a cap that is placed on the tooth such that it adopts the shape of the tooth to create a cover over the enamel. The role of the crown is to restore the shape and size of the tooth in case it has been distorted. In addition to restoring the tooth shape and size, the crown improves the strength of the tooth and makes it have a better appearance.

The crown is applied by having a coating cemented over the tooth. The cementing is made such that it encases the entire visible part of the tooth that lies over the gum line. The crown takes the overall role of the enamel only that it does it better being that it is made of a better and stronger material. Moreover, it corrects any defects on the enamel that may have been caused by different situations.

Why you would get a dental crown

The dental crown can solve various situations for you. If your teeth has various physical defects, the crown can not only cover them but can also enhances the integrity of the affected tooth. These are some of the situations that can lead to your dentist prescribing a crown on your tooth.

Protecting the weak tooth from breaking and enabling it to hold together

If you have a weak tooth out of dental decay and visit a Dentist in Bellaire TX or anywhere else, you are most likely ending up with a dental crown. The dental crown through its ability to strengthen the tooth while covering it protects the tooth from further damage by taking the role of the enamel.

Restoration of the broken or worn down tooth

Dentist in Gulfton, TX, most often than not get visits from people with broken or worn out tooth. Under these circumstances, the most likely prescription that you will have is Dental Crown in Bellaire TX. The prescribed Dental Crown in Bellaire TX will restore the tooth’s shape and size after the damage.

To cover and provide support to a tooth with large filling

When the filling is so larger such that the teeth’s structure and integrity is compromised if you visit a dentist in SW Houston TX or any other place in the globe, a dental crown will be the ideal solution. The dental crown provides the necessary support to have the teeth not just look perfect despite its deformities but also allows the teeth to stand on its own support.

Hold the dental bridge within its place

Teeth hold up because the tooth bridge connects the two parts of the teeth. If there is damage to the teeth, the two sides will fall apart. With a dental crown, this must not be the cases. The crown can hold the teeth together and play the role of bridge such that the teeth remain normal.

Improve the shape of the teeth or cover severely discolored teeth

If you are looking to improve the aesthetics of your teeth, dental crowns maybe for you. Dental crowns can correct the shape of your misshaped tooth and cover the parts of the teeth that are discolored. The crown can restore the looks of your teeth by covering the parts that are destroyed. Other aspects that the dental crowns serve include covering dental implants and making cosmetic modifications to the teeth.

When you are walking with a situation to the dentists, do not be surprised if the prescription is a dental crown. Clearly, it serves many purposes as listed above. Being that the procedure involves creating a layer and cementing it over the teeth. This king of procedure has the potential to offer a myriad of solution to the dental space. All you need is to search for dentist near me and visit the dental clinic near me. Do not be surprised if you are in for a dental crown.

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