Benefits of Dental Crowns Beyond Restoring Teeth

Benefits of Dental Crowns Beyond Restoring Teeth

May 01, 2023

Are you suffering from a tooth that is fractured, cracked or badly decayed? In such situations, a dental crown could be a great solution to stabilize your weakened tooth and revive your smile. Dental crowns in Bellaire, TX, offer an effective and durable option for restoring your teeth and blending with your natural teeth. Below are some ways dental crowns can enhance your smile.

What Is A Dental Crown?

This dental restoration helps address various issues that can damage or wear down your teeth, such as decay, injury, teeth grinding, or other dental problems.

How are Dental Crowns Applied?

If your tooth is at risk of cracking or breaking, your dentist may recommend a dental crown. A crown can also strengthen a tooth already showing signs of cracking. Additionally, a tooth that is too damaged to function properly in chewing may be a good candidate for a crown.

Cosmetic dentistry help improve the appearance of teeth. By restoring the original shape and structure, dental crowns help enhance the strength of a tooth and prevent future damage.

Compared to a traditional bridge for replacing missing teeth, a crown can offer more durability and a natural-looking result. By attaching a replacement tooth to crowns, the appearance and function of the new tooth can be improved, and it can last longer.

Dental crowns can also conceal previous dental work, such as root canals or implants, and can add a new level of shine to your tooth, depending on the chosen material. More information on the different types of dental crowns can be found below.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

Based on years of experience performing dental crown procedures, receiving feedback, and observing outcomes at Tara Dental Group, the following are the primary benefits you can anticipate experiencing.

Reduce Pain and Discomfort

The primary advantage of getting a dental crown is a reduction in pain and discomfort, which is the most significant benefit. Damaged or misshapen teeth can cause discomfort to the surrounding gums and teeth. By filling in gaps or reinforcing a fractured tooth, significant improvements can be achieved.

Furthermore, dental crown cement can block any other sensitivities caused by food or bacterial activity. The small cushioning effect provided by dental crowns when eating hot or cold food can also be a noticeable improvement for the patient. They may be able to enjoy such foods in small amounts rather than being unable to eat them altogether, which can be a personal victory.

Crowns Improve Your Bite

As mentioned earlier, a dental crown can enhance your ability to chew by restoring the alignment of your teeth. Misshapen or damaged teeth can disrupt normal chewing. With a dental crown, the row of teeth it sits in will be smoothed out.

As a result, you will be less likely to bite your tongue and experience fewer instances of food getting stuck between your teeth.

The Dental Crown Procedure is Simple

Despite the various improvements in quality of life that one may experience, the dental crown procedure is simple. So long as your teeth are in good condition, installation does not take long. The process begins with foundational preparation to ensure that the crown has a level surface to sit on.

After that, an impression of the tooth is taken to produce the mould for the new crown. It takes around two weeks to manufacture the crown. Following that, your emergency dentist near you will install it using bonding cement.

You’ll Smile More

As with most cosmetic dental treatments, you will be more inclined to show off your teeth and smile after getting a dental crown near you. There is also an element of style or prestige associated with dental crowns, which has a long history dating back hundreds of years.

Whether the crown is necessary due to damaged underlying teeth or not, it is custom-made to meet your preferences.

It Offers Long Lasting Dental Health

The longevity of your dental health is a significant benefit of dental crowns, and the duration of its life depends on the material used to create the crown. Some crowns can last up to 30 years or even more without needing replacement.

The bonding cement used during the procedure ensures the crown remains secure for a long time. Proper oral hygiene practices can help maintain the appearance and stability of the crown.

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