Are Implant Dentures Better Than Regular Dentures?

Are Implant Dentures Better Than Regular Dentures?

Sep 01, 2022

When having several missing teeth, you might consider replacement solutions such as dentures, bridges, or implants. Not having sufficient information about the two alternative bridges or implants, you might think having a time-tested solution like dentures would be optimal for your missing teeth and to restore your smile.

As you don’t have sufficient information about alternatives to replace teeth, we would like to suggest getting implant-supported dentures is a better option than getting traditional denture repair near me. Implant-supported dentures are not just better than regular dentures but have helped thousands of patients to successfully have stable dentures, unlike the earlier version requiring adhesives and clasps to hold teeth by adhering to your gums or adjacent teeth.

If regular dentures were uncomfortable slipping and shifting when eating or speaking, implant-supported dentures offer many benefits to prove they are a better choice than their traditional counterparts. To convince you of the authenticity of implant-supported dentures, let us explain their benefits to you in more detail.

The Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

Everyone is familiar with regular dentures comprising an acrylic base custom created to appear similar to your gums and a set of artificial teeth. Dentures near you fabricate the prosthesis to fit the ridge of your jaw to hold them in place using adhesives and suction. Regular dentures require frequent adjustments as your jaw continues to shrink to ensure you have a proper fit. In addition, traditional dentures are removable and need cleaning outside the mouth.

Implant-supported dentures need dental implants embedded into the jawbone to anchor artificial teeth. The prosthetics provided by dentures in Bellaire, TX, are not removable without help from the dentist in Bellaire, TX. Some benefits of choosing implant-supported dentures over the conventional variety include the following:

Better Stability

Implant-supported dentures are incredibly durable and will not irritate your gums because they are not placed on them but are connected to your jawbone, similar to your natural teeth. Therefore these dentures offer more stability and permit you to eat your favorite foods, including the complex and chewy foods you have to forgo when using regular dentures. The strength also enables you to speak clearly when you are socializing or in public.

The sturdy nature of implant-supported dentures makes it possible for you to eat and speak or laugh confidently without concerns about the dentures slipping or loosening in the mouth. As the dentures remain fixed, they provide freedom from accidental damage or loss for various reasons.

Prevent Jawbone Deterioration

Besides improved stability, implant-supported dentures help prevent jawbone deterioration because they are fixed into your jawbone. Regular dentures are merely placed on your jawbone, causing the bone to deteriorate because it lacks the stimulation provided by the missing teeth.

Jawbone resorption causes changes to your facial appearance from regular dentures needing frequent adjustments to make them fit correctly in your mouth. Bone shrinkage is not just bothersome but also impacts you psychologically by changing your jawline. Your facial appearance changes with wrinkles and premature aging. Fortunately, if you decide to have implant-supported dentures, the concerns mentioned above will no longer bother you about facial changes that impact your smile.


If maintaining regular dentures requires removal from your mouth for cleaning and storage in a container overnight, implant-supported dentures merely require brushing and flossing and six monthly visits to the dentist for checkups and cleanings. However, regular denture wearers must remain cautious not to damage their prosthetics by dropping them and visiting the emergency dentistry near me for repair or adjustment.

While regular dentures require replacements every five to seven years, implant-supported dentures remain with you for several years without needing replacements so long as you maintain excellent dental hygiene and prevent issues like gum disease from affecting you.

If you think you must have a stable and durable option for the many missing teeth, you find it beneficial to invest in implant-supported dentures that provide the aforementioned benefits for upfront investment in artificial teeth that remain with you for life. If you are convinced by the information provided in this article and feel implant-supported dentures are better than the conventional variety, schedule a free consultation with Tara Dental Group to discuss this excellent replacement solution for your missing teeth. We are confident you will not express disappointment with your choice and will recommend the option to your friends and family members encountering a similar situation like you.

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